Feedback Frames (box of 15)
Feedback Frames (box of 15)
Feedback Frames (box of 15)
Feedback Frames (box of 15)
Feedback Frames (box of 15)

Feedback Frames (box of 15)

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  • Reliable, durable, and very easy to use on tables
  • Customizable rating scale with 6 slots
  • Removable secret-voting cover with 3-step instructions
  • Set of 15 units comes with tokens in a handy carrying case

Box Contents:

  • 15 frames (fits 8.5" x 14" US legal-size paper)
  • 15 clear stands
  • 15 smiley face "agreement" scale sheets
  • 15 cardstock covers with 3-step instructions
  • 750 small blue tokens (fit 30  tokens per column)
  • 3 statement-signature forms (for copying)
  • 1 rugged plastic folder to store sheets and covers
  • Instructions and tips on the inside lid

The box is a reusable carrying case with a reinforced handle.

Delivery in 2-7 days in Canada and the U.S.A.  2-3 weeks for international.

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Easy to Use

Deceptively simple, Feedback Frames eliminate any friction around live score-voting. No wasted time connecting and learning web tools.

Secret Voting

Unlike most methods, votes are anonymous through the entire process. No bandwagon effect or groupthink.

Fully Customizable

Modify one of our ​free templates​ or create your own rating sheet. Use coloured tokens​ to represent different kinds of participants.

Validated Results

Collect participant signatures to confirm one vote per person. The number of tokens dropped should equal signatures listed.



Proudly manufactured in Ontario, Canada, in partnership with Eva’s Printshop, a social enterprise for youth experiencing homelessness.

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